What makes us different?


We make it easier.

Thinc negotiates on your behalf with
creditors, vendors and others.
Giving you time to get back to business.

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We have done it before.

Our team has experience in restructuring corporate debt, working with legal & tax professionals, enhancing cash-flow, and more.

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We can save you money.

Our direct negotiation process ensures that most claims are resolved without the need to endure costly legal processes.

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What do our clients say?

“Our family owns a large resort property in Southern California. We were faced with two very difficult issues over the past three years that, if not solved, could have devastated our business. Thanks to Thinc Group. LLC and its team of professional negotiators and legal counsel the issues were settled and our company came out on top in both disputes”
“We could not have worked out the program you were able to negotiate on our behalf on our own. Retaining our discounts and our account with this important supplier of shipping services is very significant to our survival in this competitive business environment.”